old farm house /stary wiejski dom

old farm house
only the storm window
stays straight

stary wiejski dom
tylko okno burzowe
trzyma się prosto
Haiku Windows: storm window 23.05.2018

старая ферма
только двойные окна
остаются прямыми

transl. Nikolay Grankin


family album / album rodzinny

family album 
on the pregnant woman hand 
two wedding rings

album de familie 
pe mâna femeii gravide 
două verighete

album rodzinny
na palcu ciężarnej
dwie obrączki


Renku i haibun

This is a brave theme, and one which resonates with all of us. Life is not always gentle, but reveals the resilience and creativity we have. In holding hands with one another, and sharing words and emotional strength, we weather these storms and bring out our own rainbows that heal and revive us. Thank you especially to Marta for giving us the gift of her experience, her own storm, and the friends who shared it. This helps all of us to keep on the road to recovery, and to make it as beautiful as possible.

~ Kathabela​​ Wilson Poetry Corner theme: Recovery, 02.05.2018

exchanging of looks / wymiana spojrzeń

exchanging of looks –
outside the penthouse window
man with a squeegee

wymiana spojrzeń –
za oknami penthausu
człowiek z myjką



subway station / stacja metra

subway station
a flock of preschoolers rush
to the window seats
*Warsaw tube lines run underground only

stacja metra
grupa przedszkolaków gna
do miejsc przy oknie
(linie warszawskiego metra biegną wyłącznie pod ziemią)


modowo.pl* kultura*przez duże p

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end of summer / koniec lata

Previously published in The Asahi Shimbun 15.09.2017

end of summer ...
in the pocket a seashell
and phone number

By Marta Majorka Chociłowska
And comment of Tad Wojnicki

A beautiful, discretely erotic haiku.

I completely agree with this comment

конец лета...
в кармане морская ракушка
и номер телефона

Эротическое хайку. Очень неявное, но от этого ещё более эротическое хайку, написанное замечательным автором Marta Majorka Chociłowska